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Currently, the Family Group Valduga, recognized for its standard of excellence and tradition, is formed by the companies Casa Valduga, precursor and with 41 years of history; Domno, which also produces sparkling and performs the import of wines, and Casa Madeira, responsible for the production of juices and gourmet products. Located in the Valley of the Vineyards, the group has international recognition not only for the quality of its products, but also by the awards won at major national and international competitions.

The deli House Wood has 20 years in the market, developing products 100% healthy and natural, with direct supervision of the Valduga family in the Valley of the Vineyards. The product line includes kosher grape juice, organic, whole and enriched with fibers - with no added preservatives, sugar or water - varietal juices, antipasti, jellies and balsamic creams, aimed at the gourmet segment.

The "Wooden House", brand symbol, is one of the few built in the early twentieth century still in perfect condition of use. Acquired in the 80s by Valduga family, it has been restored with the concern for maintaining its originality. It currently houses a restaurant offering a menu based on the cuisine of the first Italian immigrants in the Valley of the Vineyards, in order to give everyone a feeling of excitement as was in the early twentieth century. The 1876 Immigrant dish consists of quail, accompanied by polenta, tagliatele or sweet potato gnocchi, both the potent sauce of game bird, and the exotic salad Radicci with fried bacon. Harmonisation is the responsibility of the great labels of Casa Valduga.